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Zulkie Partners Chicago Immigration Law Firm
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Business Immigration Law Firm

Zulkie Partners LLC is nationally recognized for its expertise as a business immigration law firm. We are committed to excellence in every service we provide for our clients and how we educate and guide them through this process.

Immigrants, our grandparents and parents, built so many of our cities and industries. Sadly, the American tradition of welcoming immigrant workers has faded. Under current law, U.S. employers may bring a very limited number of highly specialized and skilled workers to the U.S. to fill jobs for which U.S. citizens are not available. This modest immigration meets the needs of U.S. businesses and allows U.S. companies to remain competitive in the global marketplace and fuels American prosperity. In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the complexity of our immigration laws as well as arbitrary decision making by federal agencies. These developments have turned the sponsorship of foreign workers, as well as compliance with other aspects of corporate immigration law such as employer sanctions and worksite enforcement, into one of the most complicated tasks facing management and Human Resource professionals.

Every company, non-profit, and foreign national we represent is important to us. We never forget that we have been entrusted with a very significant responsibility: helping our foreign national clients shape their lives and destinies in this country so that our business clients can retain the best and brightest talent available.

Our attorneys are experts in corporate immigration law.

We take pride in our responsiveness and commitment to superb client service.

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