Paving the Path to U.S. Citizenship

For many of your employees, the path to the United States does not end at permanent residency. Whatever the reason for wanting to obtain U.S. citizenship – the right to vote, the ability to obtain immigration benefits for family members, protection from deportation, better tax or job benefits, no immigration paperwork to renew, or greater freedom to travel abroad – our attorneys guide applicants through the citizenship and naturalization process the right way, the first time.

Helping You Prepare at Every Step

The Form N-400, Naturalization Application is currently 20 pages long, and consists of complex biographic and travel questions. It is imperative that all information is accurately and properly completed to prevent delays in processing and potential application denial. Our experienced attorneys not only ensure the paperwork is filled out properly, we also:

  • Help you prepare for the in-person interview at the USCIS office
  • Help you quickly apply for a U.S. passport so you can start traveling
  • Sponsor immediate family members for immigration benefits

Realize the American Dream

At Zulkie Partners, you will find experienced professionals who will verify your eligibility and ensure that your process to naturalization is effortless. With an approval rating for naturalization near 100%, our talented immigration attorneys a provide essential support throughout your journey towards citizenship.

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