Our clients range from small startups to fortune 500 companies and span a wide variety of industries.

Our team has experience handling the intricacies of how immigration law affects your industry.

We have depth of experience working with universities on immigration matters within the school. Whether it is assisting your faculty, researchers or medical professionals to ensure work authorization, we can help.

Academic institutions are subject to complex and unique immigration regulations. Navigating the rules that apply to non-profit institutions and ensuring your faculty, researchers or medical professionals have their visas in place when needed can be overwhelming. Our team is experienced in simplifying processes that range from ensuring temporary talent to green card sponsorship of permanent employees.

While the financial sector is no stranger to regulation, immigration compliance presents its own unique obstacles. As the financial industry becomes increasingly dependent on technology, this adds to the red tape.

Our team has decades of experience ensuring you are able to move auditors, accountants, analysts, etc. into the United States when you need it. As your need for tech talent increases, our team is well equipped to combat the increased scrutiny these types of positions face from immigration authorities.

Immigrants make up a significant portion of the health care labor force in the United States. However, the industry is subject to unique rules that control when and where those immigrants can work. These regulatory obstacles can make obtaining work authorization in time for a fellowship or need in an underserved area difficult.

Our team is experienced in obtaining temporary visas on behalf of all types of health care workers. We also have depth of experience in obtaining permanent residency for those employees you wish to keep for the long term.

Technology transcends virtually every industry in today’s world. As a result, the industry itself must stay ahead of the curve. From small start-ups to large corporations, we can help you move resources where you need them.

Foreign-born students make up a majority of full-time students in many graduate level science and engineering programs in the United States. We have decades of experience helping your student employees ease into longer term working statuses ensuring you keep your top talent.

The manufacturing industry relies on the ability to move talent in and out of the United States. Whether you need to move tech personnel to test software on your machines or move engineering personnel to conduct a physical build, we can help.

Our team is well versed in moving your temporary talent into the United States for short or long-term projects. We understand that your staffing needs are in constant flux and can help make the immigration component of that need seamless.

Technology has shifted the landscape of the media and communications industry impacting every aspect of the business. From how information is disseminated through to how revenue is generated through use of public relations and online advertising.

Our team is well versed in obtaining visas for your ever-evolving tech needs to make sure you stay ahead of the industry.

The pharmaceutical industry depends on its foreign national workers – accounting for a sizeable percentage of the labor force in the United States. We have depth of experience preparing extraordinary ability and outstanding researcher petitions to ensure you keep your top talent.

Pharmaceutical companies are heavily regulated. Let our team take care of immigration compliance.

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  • “Paul Zulkie is a committed immigration lawyer. His passion about his field and his craft are noble. Our biotechnical firm has entrusted our immigration work with Paul and his team of lawyers and paralegals for over 30 years. His calm and effective guidance is irreplaceable in this changing political climate, and his responsiveness is refreshing.”

  • “Jenni is a professional and knowledgeable attorney. She is always available to help me even outside of regular business hours. I am very happy that I chose Zulkie Partners as my law firm and highly recommend Jenni Hoskin to anyone who seeks assistance.”

  • “In the decade I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen, I have come to know her as a caring and thoughtful professional who always acts with respect and integrity. The attention to detail she demonstrates as she responds to a multitude of questions from employees in the consulting industry conveys the respect she has for her field.”

  • “Paul is a very skilled attorney and trusted colleague. I have been in house counsel for various clients that have been with Zulkie Partners and I have no hesitation referring clients to them. They repeatedly take care of our foreign nationals, HR professionals and business partners with professionalism and care. The commitment to responsiveness and detail by this firm is far superior to other business immigration firms I have used.  I definitely recommend his services to any consulting firm, large or small.”

  • “We have known Susie for over 2 years now and can honestly say that we are more than pleased with our legal representation. She always makes time to answer our questions and to address our concerns and she replies very quickly to our questions. We always feel that our employees and their cases are in the hands of a true professional which gives us a feeling of confidence.”