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It takes a dynamic workforce to thrive in today’s economy. Employers who source talent globally struggle to ensure that the foreign national talent they recruit is available when promised, delivered within budget, and arrives with a positive experience. Employers who overcome these challenges benefit their organizations and enjoy a competitive advantage in recruiting from the global talent pool.

Our immigration services are designed to ensure that you and your employees have absolute confidence in our attorneys and staff and the status your employee holds in the U.S.

We take the worry out of this process so your foreign national employee can concentrate on their job, not their immigration status. Our attorneys manage the case and coordinate communication between interested parties (HR/management) and the foreign national employee. A timely delivery of successful legal services is our mission.

Simplifying Complex Procedures

Zulkie Partners turns all the required government forms into simple questions you can answer online. With our streamlined case management services, we make it easy to complete your application and avoid common problems.

We advise clients on when and if B-1/2 visas are needed, provide guidance on the transition of your F-1 student employees to nonimmigrant visas, and help you move talent to the United States by obtaining visas for foreign hires. Some of those visas include:

  • E-1/2 (Treaty Traders and Investors)
  • E-3 (Australians in Specialty Occupations)
  • H-1B (Individuals in Specialty Occupations)
  • H-1B1 (Chilean and Singaporeans in Specialty Occupations)
  • J-1 (Exchange Visitors – Professors, Research Assistants, Trainees, etc.)
  • L-1 A/B (Intra-Company Transferees)
  • O-1 A/B (Persons of Extraordinary Ability)
  • TN (Certain Canadian and Mexican Professionals)

We handle a broad array of cases spanning a variety of industries (see our Industries page for more detail). We stay abreast of the ever-evolving policy changes that affect your foreign national population and ensure your immigration needs, whether large or small, are met.

An Attorney Working by Your Side

You get the confidence of an experienced immigration attorney (not just a paralegal) who will review all of your materials and answer any questions you may have.

We are confident our track record sets us apart from others. Our commitment to superior service has driven our success in client outcomes – with approval rates that are higher than the national average. Our unique approach provides clients with the following:

  • Unparalleled responsiveness
  • Direct access to lawyers
  • Efficient, top quality, results-driven case preparation
  • Strategic planning advice consistent with business needs
  • Compliance-minded counseling
  • A cutting-edge case management tracking system
  • Secure online access to case status information
  • Timely updates on relevant developments

Our immigration attorneys have helped hundreds of employers secure the right work visas for their employees, and we will go above and beyond to provide you with optimal results.

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