Starting around April 2019, employers across the U.S. have been receiving Social Security  number (SSN) no-match letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA). These letters, formally called Employer Correction Request Notices (EDCOR), are being issued when SSA discovers that the W-2 records submitted by the employer don’t match the SSA records on employee names and SSNs.

This initiative is part of the Trump Administration’s to increase immigration enforcement and oversight.

These letters do not include the names and SSNs of the employees who have a mismatch. Rather, employers must register online with the SSA Business Services Online portal to identify any mismatches.

SSA has given employers an overview of frequently asked questions at

In addition, SSA has provided a detailed response to an inquiry submitted by Congressman Jim Costa concerning the no-match letters. (insert link to pdf of letter).

After receipt of a no-match letter, employers should:

Employers are cautioned not to take any adverse action against the employee based solely on the no-match letter.

We encourage employers to contact an attorney at Zulkie Partners upon receipt of a no-match letter before taking any action with either SSA or the employee.