If you pay attention to certain talking heads in the media, you may be inclined to believe that the higher the immigration rate, the harder it’ll be for workers already in the U.S. searching for employment to find a job. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, studies show that high-skilled immigrant workers actually create new jobs — particularly in the technology and engineering fields — for everyone.

According to a 2012 joint report from the Information Technology Industry Council, the Partnership for a New American Economy, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, every foreign-born student who graduates from college in the U.S. and goes on to work in the STEM fields creates, on average, 2.62 jobs for American workers — primarily because they help lead in innovation, research and development. Additionally, the Institute for the Study of Labor finds that highly skilled immigrants actually improve the wages of native-born workers who hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Findings like these from credible bodies such as these make one thing very clear: In order for the U.S. to continue to grow its economy, it must build the best possible high-skilled workforce. And to build the best possible workforce, the U.S. must be willing to reform immigration law. Arbitrary decision-making by federal agencies has made immigration law unnecessarily complex. Many companies that recognize the need to diversify their teams with eager, smart talent are confused about how to legally open their doors to immigrants. And that’s where we can offer assistance.

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